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If you are looking for a web design agency to build a smart online lead generation machine, you are at the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YAJORA provide creative design with high quality, And easy to explore by your clients, What makes your website quickly archived by google and other search engines, We call it All In One service .

Firstly, We ask you about the category of your website and  every option you need on it, then we can specifically calculate how much time will took to make it online. The Time started for every single website From 7 days as minimum and can be increase to 45 days, everything depends to  how big is the project.

Note : Some projects can take more than that, so you can always contact us via email  design@yajora.com for more informations.

Before starting your project design, YAJORA always gives you 2 to 3 examples and you can choose your favorite one. After your confirmation, We start your design and turning it to exactly as you need.

After YAJORA received your design features list, We calculate the total price and how much time will take to get finished, So every changes that comes after that can makes Time and price changing, So YAJORA It does not bear any liability arising from Any delay resulting from this situation. 

YAJORA accepting many payment methods : PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash.

Please contact us via : payment@yajora.com for more informations. 


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